Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Travel

Life has a funny way of getting away from us. We forget what it is all about and focus solely on surviving.  As we raise our first child we worry about what they will become,  and how to keep them healthy, and how no one else knows how to raise a child as well as you do.  Then we have another child and realize our naivete and giggle over the overly protective nature of the "first time mom". I feel like I turned around for only a moment to look back and find my children half way through their childhoods. I often lose sight of my original goal for my life. I remember meeting a boy who I loved to be with.  He put me on a pedestal.  He stole gentle kisses.  He stole not so gentle kisses.  All of my thoughts were focused on him. That is what I wanted from my life. I get too busy to realize that I indeed have that life.  I married that boy.  Our family attended a wedding reception of a friends daughter.  So full of youth and  hope for a fairy tale life these two beautiful kids danced and kissed.  My own "boy" pulled me close to him as we watched this new family being formed.  I know we both were both feeling the same young love and hope that we had for each other so many years ago.  Although life may get away from us and we may forget for a moment the love we had for each other back then, when we stop to look around us we can fathom the moments that have made our love and relationship so much more than it ever has been.  My life has been full of trials and heartache and my Nate has always stuck by my side.  He has given me three beautiful children.  There are bonds between us that will not be broken if we continue to remember one another, to stop and look at what our connection has created.  Someday my children will be so lucky to find young love and hope, an eternal companion to begin a journey with.  Life comes too fast.  Enjoy every single moment, because you cannot get them back.