Sunday, February 5, 2012


The relationships we share on this earth are a peculiar thing. They are not random. We interconnect with one another for a purpose. For belonging. For love. For peace and comfort. This weekend we were able to attend the baptism for the son of one of our dear friends. As I sat and observed the friends we have I was overwhelmed with gratitude and humility for the gift of friendship that I have in my life. God has over abundantly blessed me with so many incredible people. I have quality friends. I have friends that I can always count on. Friends who would walk to the ends of the earth with me. Friends who are unconditional. Friends who are all weather. Trench friends. I remember growing up, my parents telling me that in the end it will be family not friends, and that family is always there. I love my family and know that they will love me unconditionally but as I age and grow in wisdom I am learning that my friends have become family. I encourage my children to be wise in their choice of friends, to value those relationships, to nourish them. We will have the opportunity to have eternal friends. Our souls are linked together in one deep appreciation for eachother. We can say so much to eachother without speaking a word. We are all put on this earth with eternal ties. Keep those ties and bring them home. This is one of my ultimate goals.